Data-Driven Employee Benefit Cost Reduction

Converging Health is committed to decreasing companies’ healthcare benefit spend through health claim data analytics and reporting while proactively improving employee health and morale with tailored health management programs.


Does your company need help to identify vulnerable areas of your benefits strategy?


1. Data Gathering

Medical Claims Information

Corporate Programs

Health Risk Assessments

Clinical Information from Electronic Medical Records


Fitness Assessment

Medical Data from Hospital and ER Visits

Pharmacy Data

2. Analyze data to identify areas of risk or exposure

3. Interpret analysis findings into actionable insights

This may include the need to mitigate the burden of disease among employees, manage existing diseases and maximize the health system

4. Planning and Implementation

We work closely with our customers to ensure there is complete alignment of between our recommended implementation and the company’s business objectives, talent strategy, risk tolerance and culture.

Other GoBenefits Advantages


Better benefits for a
cross-generational workforce


Workforce health
transformation that works

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