Healthcare Guidance On Demand

For most individuals, the healthcare system is a dizzying labyrinth of complicated forms, unknown doctors and expensive health plans – and your employees are no exception. Our GoGuide™ program equips employees and their families with the knowledge and tools they need to maximize the healthcare benefits that your company provides.

Would your business benefit from a workforce that maximizes the healthcare benefits you are providing?

My Personal Health Assistant (MyPHA™)

MyPHA is the foundation of our GoGuide™ service line. It serves as the lifeline to your employees and their families to living a healthier, more productive and mindful life. Only a phone call away, MyPHA will put members in touch with vetted top-tier clinicians and programs to confidentially help guide them through any healthcare question or issue from “what to do” to “where to go”.

Taking the guesswork out and replacing it with knowledgeable, well trained clinicians makes the healthcare journey a positive one. In addition, MyPHA works with members personally, at their convenience to help identify and connect to any resources they may not be taking advantage of.

MyPHA™ works to ensure members:

  • Get connected with the right person, the right resources and the right providers
  • Receive information in a way that is easy to understand
  • Receive coordinated and specifically tailored care

Personal Health Summary©

Converging Health’s Personal Health Summary is a proprietary analysis protocol ensuring key information is captured and communicated with members and pertinent medical providers of the member’s healthcare team. Working to ensure good communication throughout the process is key to the success of the individual, the company and the program. The Personal Health Summary is a cloud-based digital solution providing ease of access to providers across the continuum of care.

Looking Out for Your Health™

Our Looking Out for Your Health is a self-help toolkit designed to assist the individuals in understanding the proactive steps that he or she can take to live healthier. The process starts with identifying the health or wellbeing challenge, understanding accepting the problem, and setting personal goals to overcome the problem.

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