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Our healthcare system is broken and it is costing companies billions of dollars unnecessarily.  We work directly with corporations, TPA’s, brokers, and consultants to use clinic and health benefit insights and data to offer employers health, wellness and medical benefits consulting strategies that reduce cost and improve quality. Our approach is innovative and data-driven as we converge best practices into effective employer health and benefits programs.

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Custom benefits planning designed for today’s cross-generational workforce

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Hands-on clinical leadership, tools & support to transform the health of your workforce

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Turn benefits data into actionable insights and lower benefit spend

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Arrange for a health and wellness expert to engage with your executive team or employees

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Healthy Companies.
Healthy Solutions.


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Healthcare Guidance
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Employee Health
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What Employer Benefit and Health Services are right for your business?

Historically the cost of health insurance has been based on actuarial analysis.  Healthcare inflation is high and medication costs are skyrocketing, so your costs are increasing by 5 – 20% this year.  Actuarial models no longer work for companies in America.  The Institute of Medicine states that 30% or more of companies’ healthcare spending is due to fraud, waste, and abuse.  Converging Health develop employee health and benefits strategies to remove waste and reduce health care spend.

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    Message from our CEO and Founder

    Your company’s healthcare costs keep escalating, despite best efforts to balance a competitive benefits plan with cost management.


    We specialize in turning data analytics into actionable insights, identifying vulnerable areas of workforce health issues and designing custom benefits strategies and workforce health programs that are scalable, repeatable, and resilient to change.


    In this video, learn about a powerful data scatterplot, which may resemble your company’s current health spend, and how we can help you improve it.

    Latest Blog Posts

    Books by Dr. Conard

    What numbers would you follow to live the longest, healthiest life possible?  Bio (life) metrics (numbers) predict your future health challenges – they are your report card on how well your genetics are working with your lifestyle to determine your future health.  In this book Dr. Conard will share the seven numbers to empower you to take charge of your health and avoid the major health concerns that could stop you from enjoying a full life.


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    What if your Seven Numbers are not at goal?  You could take medications, get a procedure or surgery possibly – or you could embrace and pull the Seven Healers into your life – correcting the challenge(s) at their core.  Understanding these Healers and the way they work with your body will gradually lead to your Seven Numbers improving the natural, healthy way usually negating the need for medication or other harsh interventions.  Learn and Live your Seven Healers!


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    Working in healthcare – whether the leader or a member of the team requires a transformation from the models of the past.  The identification and management of chronic conditions require collaboration, communication, and caring for every member of the team, especially the patient.  This book, based upon the experience gathered in managing 510 providers at over 240 offices shares the principles that work to create a powerful healthcare system.


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    What would it take to transform from a victim of diabetes to an empowered person with diabetes living a powerful life?  A must read for any person with a chronic condition, this book opens possibilities that most people with chronic conditions don’t even imagine possible.  It is through this shift that a new way of addressing chronic conditions in America can occur.


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